Game Units

We provide three different unit types –  game, ad and brand unit. All three enable a rapid and efficient implementation process in every page, placement, and any other form of expression. Each unit allows complete customization and is suitable for desktop & mobile devices, and formatted to fit its layout and design.

Implementation of our platform requires an initial setup of settings and after our units operate in full automation and identify the content of your articles and their unique highlights by itself, optimizes the relevant game unit size for it, and starts analyzing, monetizing your end users time and value.

Play To Engage


Easy to implement and customize with just one line of code

Generating interactive promotions tools for relevant campaign, products, and events

Enhancing users time on site and increasing their click-through rate Boosting performance and revenues while generating new revenue streams

Driving increased sales from native ad campaigns and ensuring the right ad exposure to your audience Creating ongoing interaction experience and forming in-site gamers communities


Playgorithm developed an interactive content gamification SaaS platform that creates new monetization e-commerce, distribution, content marketing and data solutions for publishers and brands. Our platforms enable social engagement based on users content consumption habits and provide a variety of seamless game units that boost dwell time, revenue, and enrich content. We enable our clients to gamify, link and transform their content into a variety of interactive gaming experiences in a simple and quick implementation process.


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